our why

This is a question I've been challenged to answer recently.  Why do we do what we do?  It's ended up being a simple question to answer. I love making people happy and I want to make a difference.  To do this I surround myself with exceptional people that love doing the same. 

The feedback we get from our amazing customers is absolutely the reason we keep going.  I want Picnic Box to be known as the caterer that cares.  We care where your food comes from, how it is prepared, presented and delivered.  

When profits permit I want those profits to have a purpose.  I love the work we do with the Attainable Trust and would love to do more.  I want to be able to help people with the most incredible attitudes that want to have their own business to have that opportunity any way I can.  The only way I can succeed with this is to succeed myself, this is my why. 

Diane :-)