7 Of The Best Picnic Spots In Auckland You Need To Know About For Mothers Day

We all know the key to any good picnic is finding the perfect spot for it! Luckily here in our big little city, we’re spoilt for choice. To celebrate Mother’s Day, we’ve rounded up our top 7 indoor (hey, not everyone’s an outdoorsy person) and outdoor picks which are sure to make a perfect picnic.

  1.     Babich Cellar Door -  With 100 years experience, you can trust Babich wines know what they’re doing. Raise a glass to Mum and treat her with a visit to the gorgeous Henderson vineyard. While unfortunately not open Sundays, it’s so gorgeous we’re sure Mum won’t mind the rain check!

  2.     Japanese Garden, Henderson - Inspired by traditional 15th-century viewing gardens, Henderson’s very own Japanese garden is a must on the picnic bucket list. Surrounded by ponds, streams, artificial hills and stone lanterns you won't be disappointed. Open to the public at all times, there’s always an occasion for a picnic.

  3.    Snakes and Ladders Park, Farm Cove, Auckland - Your little one will be over the moon whilst paying a visit this giant board game. Your little ones are encouraged to explore the fun and adventure to their heart's content. Nearby you'll find swings, trees for shade, access to the beach and plenty of picnic tables to enjoy a bite with the family.

  4.    Waiwera Thermal Resort - Grab a Picnic Box and make your way up to the Waiwera Spa pools! Jam packed with hydro-slides, spa pool even an indoor movie pool it’ll be a full day of fun for the entire family! Another bonus is you’re welcome to bring in your own bites and will find plenty of picnic tables around the spa.

  5.    Auckland Art Gallery - Explore to your heart's content in the Auckland Art Gallery. Perfect for families, you’ll find plenty of exciting exhibitions, games and hands-on activities. Ready for a break? Enjoy your picnic in the amphitheatre or take a stroll through the neighbouring Albert Park.

  6.    Auckland Domain Winter Gardens - An oldie but a goodie, you can’t go wrong with the classic Auckland domain winter gardens. Explore Victorian style glass houses which show off exquisite lush rare and tropical plants. And don't forget to stop for a bite in the courtyard. Mum’s sure to love this one!

  7.    Auckland Museum - One for when the weather isn’t on our side, the Auckland Museum is jam-packed with action around every corner. Explore latest exhibitions and galleries of art, culture and history! There’s even a dedicated “Kai Room” for you and the family to enjoy your own lunch.